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Premium Disposable Tableware

How to Choose Premium Disposable Tableware for Your Next Party!

A wrong dinnerware set ruins your table setup’s aesthetics and leaves a bad impression in the minds of guests. The disposable dinnerware sets are trendy nowadays when it comes to events and parties. The reason is they offer great convenience, affordability, and an appealing look. You can try and match up their designs and colors so that your overall tableware appears fascinating to guests. From cups and utensils to designer disposable plates, there are a myriad of disposable tableware options. It becomes straightforward to explore the world of premium disposable tableware with a guide. Let’s first understand the significance of using disposable tableware for parties and then look at how to choose them.

Significance of Using Premium Disposable Tableware

  • The high-quality disposable tableware offers far more convenience than regular tableware sets. They don’t need to be washed or cleaned, saving your effort and time. Hence, these sets are ideal for occasions or events hosting a huge number of people, for example, parties, picnics, barbecues, etc.
  • They discard the need for buying costly glassware or crockery.
  • The premium disposable tableware sets are ideal for your hygiene purposes since they are free from the hassles of cleaning and washing. This is very advantageous in situations where you are anxious about the contamination.

Guide on Choosing Premium Disposable Tableware for Party

1) Consider the Table Setting

If you aim to set the table yourself, especially for a huge event, it would be more convenient to buy a disposable plastic dinnerware set with utensils wrapped in napkins. Such tableware sets will save you effort and time of organizing each utensil separately. Those guests who are quite health-conscious will admire the pre-wrapped utensils since it makes sure that nobody else has even touched their silverware.

On the other hand, for buffet banquet parties, it is appropriate to stack utensils, plates, and napkins separately, allowing guests to pick up the tableware of their choice. In such a case, it is recommended to buy disposable dinnerware sets with freestanding utensils rather than pre-wrapped ones.

2) Number of Guests

The number of guests will indirectly determine the portion sizes required for the party. Suppose you are hosting a buffet or a grand party that would serve large portions then it is better to choose dinnerware with big party plates and party bowls. This is because such dinnerware sets will comfortably accommodate the buffet food. Contrariwise, if you want to serve appetizers or finger foods, it is better to choose smaller designer disposable plates.

3) Size and Shape

It is inevitable to consider the shape and size of the plates, bowls, cups, and other utensils in a tableware set. The choice comes down to your serving method and items in the menu. Generally, large plates are appropriate for main courses, whereas smaller ones are ideal for desserts or appetizers. For a traditional party/event, opt for tableware that has round plates. Generally, rectangular or square plates add a contemporary touch to your overall table setting.

4) The Party Theme

Without considering the party theme, your investment in premium disposable tableware may be futile. If you plan to host a formal event, you can choose elegant designer disposable plates boasting sleek designs and ensuring durability. But if you are hosting a kids’ party or a casual gathering, it is better to choose disposable tableware in vibrant designs. Ranging from intricate patterns to bold colors, the most suitable design can uplift the entire aesthetic of a party.

5) Durability

Premium disposable tableware sets are available in a wide range of materials such as plastic, paper, and bamboo. Usually, paper tableware items are biodegradable and affordable. But they may not be so durable for heavy liquids and foods. Plastic is a preferred alternative because it is durable and the costs are also affordable. However, these sets may not be the most eco-friendly options. If you are looking for a sustainable option, you can choose disposable tableware made from sugarcane, bamboo, or recycled materials.

6) Menu for the Party

It is crucial to keep in mind the types of items to be served for the party. The food to be served significantly impacts your choice of dinnerware set. Suppose you wish to serve a meal having multiple courses then you must buy a tableware set that has both large and small plate sizes. Such disposable dinnerware sets will accommodate dessert, entrees, and appetizers. They will include both a mini dessert spoon and a soup spoon for each guest. If you wish to serve a single-course meal then have to serve one plate and some standard utensils for each individual in the party.

If you plan to serve spicy and hot food (for example: steaming curry or chili) then look for disposable tableware sets that have plates labeled heat-resistant. If your menu includes a lot of sauce then consider buying a leak-proof tableware set. Their plates have special lining to avoid soggy bottoms and spills.

7) Type of Beverages

It is also vital to consider the type of beverages you plan to serve. If you want to serve standard beverages (like juice, water, and alcoholic drinks) then buy a disposable plastic dinnerware set equipped with matching cups. It aligns with the party’s aesthetic and also saves you from the hassle of using the glass cups that may drop and have to be washed. Conversely, if you want to serve shots during the party then you can consider a tableware set without cups; instead buy a set with separate disposable shot glasses.


Considering the factors like size, design, material, color, patterns, and durability, you can end up buying the most suitable disposable plastic dinnerware. Remember to choose the set based on the type of occasion/party and the party’s theme. A premium quality disposable tableware set provides significantly more convenience than regular dinnerware sets.


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